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SANDPOINT PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT is charged with a number of tasks. Twenty-five hard working fulltime employees are dedicated to providing the most efficient and customer friendly service possible.

The department is made of up of five divisions:

Public Works Administration - responsible for engineering, mapping, planning, and assisting the public with questions regarding area infrastructure.

Water Treatment and Distribution - the Water Division operates two surface water treatment plants. The Little Sand Creek Water Treatment Plant is on Schweitzer Road and the Lake Pend Oreille Water Treatment Plant is on Sandpoint Avenue north of City Beach . The combined treatment capacity varies from five to eight million gallons per day depending on stream flow in Little Sand Creek. Water is distributed to 2 four million gallon reservoirs before being delivered to over 4000 connections in Sandpoint, Ponderay , Kootenai, Dover and unincorporated areas of Bonner County surrounding Sandpoint.

Wastewater Treatment and Collection - through a system of fifteen sewage lift stations, thirty-five miles of sewer mains and a secondary wastewater treatment plant, the Wastewater Division is responsible for collecting sanitary sewage from within the corporate limits of Sandpoint and treating that sewage to stringent standards.

Street Division - responsible for maintaining the transportation system in Sandpoint including the storm water system. The division is responsible for maintaining approximately 55 miles of roadway.

Building Division - all building activity within the City of Sandpoint is governed by the latest edition of the International Residential Code (IRC) and International Building Code (IBC) and is required to have a building permit. In addition, all piping and appliance installation requires a permit from this division.

Public Works Links and Documents
Preapproved Consultant list

2006 Water Master Plan ( for complete version email request )
2006 Wastewater Master Plan ( for complete version email request )
2007 Little Sand Creek Watershed Master Plan ( for complete version email request )
2007 Urban Area Transportation Plan ( for complete version email request )
Water CIP
Sewer Collection CIP
Wastewater CIP
Water Boundary Expansion Request
Water/Sewer Rate Study (100 pages) 2009
Water/Sewer rate increase explanation 2009
Water/Sewer New User Facility Fees Rate Study 2010


Church Street Improvements

The City went out to bids for Church Street Improvements for concrete sidewalks, curb & gutter, storm water facilities and street base with asphalt pavement. Click above to preview picture.

Fiber Optic Project

Sandpoint is installing Fiber optic cables to connect City Hall to the Lake Water Treatment Plant.

Downtown Streets Plan

With US 95 relocated to the Sand Creek Byway and the planned realignment of Highway 2, it is anticipated that many of the streets in downtown Sandpoint will shift from the Idaho Transportation Department to the City.  When the downtown streets no longer serve double-duty as state highways, it will be an opportune time for the City to redesign these streets in order to better serve the downtown businesses, residents, and visitors.  To that end, the City hired SERA Architects, who worked for many months with community leaders, downtown business owners, and members of the public, resulting in the Downtown Streets Plan and Design Guide

Schweitzer Cutoff Road Project

Schweitzer Cutoff Road from Boyer Road to near Boyer Avenue will be reconstructed beginning in late Spring 2016.  The project was awarded to Interstate Asphalt and Concrete.  Traffic through the construction zone will be maintained, but with narrow 9 foot wide lanes.  The Schweitzer Cutoff Bridge over Sand Creek has load limits placed due to a very low sufficiency rating based on significant cracks in the girders.  The Cities of Sandpoint and Ponderay with the help of Senator Shawn Keough and the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council, have obtained funding for replacing the bridge.  Optimistically, the bridge could be replaced beginning in 2017.  Until the bridge is replaced, loaded trucks will be required to use alternate routes at Larch Street and Bronx Road to travel between US 95 and Sandpoint's industrial area.


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