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City Council Meeting Minutes for 9/13/2006

ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE - ITD Temporary Easement; Idaho National Guard Armory; School District Waiver; Affordable Housing; Vehicle Trade; Baldy Mtn Rd Extension; Taxi Driver Fee; Comm Tower; Fee Increase; Developer Reimbursement; City Council Meet

PRESENT: Councilwoman Elliott, chair; Councilman Spickelmire, and Councilwoman Lamson

Randy Hirst, Project Manager of the Idaho Transportation Department, explained that their revisit was to discuss the temporary easement, appraisal, right of way, and any further questions that may arise regarding the dredging of Sand Creek for the Byway project.  He stated that a new appraisal had been completed.  

Tracy Olsen, Project Manager of Washington Group International, reviewed the area of the shoreline extension and in particular the 6 parking spaces owned by the City near Bridge Street.  She noted that the Conceptual Master Plan was presented to the public for review in 2001 with the shoreline extension as one of the top priorities.  She reported that a public hearing has been set with the US Army Corps of Engineers on November 20, 2006 regarding the Idaho Transportation Department’s permit to dredge the Sand Creek in order to provide a new channel and to place rock along the bank of the Sand Creek in order to protect the bank from erosion.  She noted that the dredging would occur during the winter months when the water level is low.  She confirmed with Councilman Spickelmire that they would also need access through the L.D. Farmin property along Sand Creek.  Ms. Olson explained that the project would use the ingress and egress into the City property with some impact on the parking and will restore the landscaping and any impact from the dredging. Councilman Spicklemire noted that the ingress and egress is a public right of way and that the State would be dredging the City property located underwater.  Mr. Hirst noted that the reason for the ingress/egress easement is for a mechanism to make any repairs in the event any damage occurs during the project.  

Tammy Mecham, Right of Way agent of the Idaho Transportation Department, stated her goal is to initiate suggestions in order to acquire right of way acquisition.  She noted that the Right of Way Contract has a clause that would allow the City to perform an inspection of the easement area prior to any construction and that the state agrees to repair any damages to the easement area to equal or better condition.  

City Attorney Will Herrington raised concern as to how the dredging project would affect the boardwalk construction.  Randy Hirst assured the committee that the State would accommodate the boardwalk construction project through the planning design process.  He also reported that the dredging project won’t be started this winter and reassured that it will be written in both projects to coordinate the construction process for both the byway dredging and the boardwalk would be coordinated.   Stephen Drinkard, Project Coordinator, was concerned whether the funds would be available if the boardwalk construction were pushed back.  Will Herrington advised that separate acknowledgment in writing from the Idaho Transportation Department affirming that they will accommodate both the Sand Creek dredging and the boardwalk construction be provided to city council for next week’s council meeting.  
RECOMMENDATION TO CONSENT CALENDAR:  That City Council approve and authorize the mayor and city clerk to sign the Right of Way Contract and the Temporary Construction Easement with the Idaho Transportation Department.

Brigadier General Alan Gayhart reviewed the proposal to build a new armory in Sandpoint with the guard currently having 27 armories throughout Idaho with the most recent opening of a recruiting office in Sandpoint.  He noted that the Idaho Army National Guard currently plans to build a water treatment unit with 22 personal recruited from the Sandpoint area with the capability of accommodating up to 55 personnel.  He reported that the permanent construction would require a minimum 50-year vested interest in the land and that the military division must acquire the real property by lease or deed.  He said that the rent on leased land is normally $1.00 per year.  He proposed an option that the City lease 2.88 acres to the Military Division of unoccupied land near the airport.  He said that in the interim, a temporary armory would be allowed on the property up to 7 years with the anticipation that the permanent facility be constructed in 2012.  He noted that if the project does not go forward, the Military Division would transfer the property back to Sandpoint.  He stated that the armory would be available for the use of wildfire support, civic functions, high schools, and local agencies.  

Councilwoman Elliott noted that there may be some EDA restrictions or requirements that need to be considered.  She suggested that staff work with the Idaho National Guard, EDA, and Bonner County to help locate an ideal place for the armory property.  Councilman Spickelmire also raised concern that the property  would be tied up for 50 years for $1.00 a year and that if the City were to sell or lease the property, they should look at more revenue for the property than what the guard proposes.     Mayor Miller commented that the armory’s water treatment unit would compliment the City’s treatment facility.

Doug Olin, District Assistant Administrator, requested that the City waive the building permit and the fee to install monopoles on several campuses in order to have broadband communications.  He noted that the Planning Commission approved the waiver request.  
RECOMMENDATION TO CONSENT CALENDAR:  That City Council approve the waiver of Lake Pend Oreille School’s building permit and fee for installation of monopoles on school campuses.


Stephen Drinkard, Project Coordinator, explained that the affordable housing initiative consists of a discovery phase that consists of a partnership with the Idaho Housing and Finance Association, BBC Research, Inc, Bonner County, and the Bonner County Economic Development Corporation.  He stated that the second phase is an implementation phase that will be funded from an Idaho Commerce and Labor grant.  He noted that the Comp Plan consultant could utilize this information for the development of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.  He stated that a series of workshops would be scheduled in November and based on the public workshops, BBC Research will offer recommendations for actions.  He reported that the cost of the discovery phase for BBC Research would be $45,000 with funding in the amount of $10,000 from Idaho Housing Finance Association, $15,000 from Bonner County, $5,000 from local donations, and $15,000 from the City of Sandpoint.  He noted that the scope of work has been clarified with a separate memorandum of agreement to incorporate with the contract.  He stated that Bonner County’s contribution must be spent before the end of this fiscal year so time is of the essence.  Mr. Drinkard reported that BBC Research will conduct a telephone survey of approximately 400 residents in Bonner County and will ask residents about cost burden for housing, their needs, their plans on staying in the area, and their perception of housing needed in Sandpoint.  He noted to Councilwoman Lamson that the BBC Research will do research on the definition of affordable housing based on a median income.  Councilwoman Lamson commented that the income should be based on their salaries only.  
RECOMMENDATION TO CONSENT CALENDAR:  That City Council approve and authorize the mayor and city clerk to sign the Contract Agreement between the Idaho Housing and Finance Association and Client Partners.

Due to the Parks and Recreation Director’s absence, Mayor Miller explained that the request is to declare two City vehicles surplus and to authorize the use of the surplus vehicles to be utilized by the Parks and Recreation Department as a trade for a vehicle that better suits the Department’s needs. The two vehicles that would be surplused are a 1986 Chevrolet S-10 pickup from the Parks Department and a 2001 Ford Expedition that was transferred to the fire department from the police department.  The fire department determined that the vehicle was not needed and offered it to the Parks and Recreation Department.  The Mayor noted that no dollars would be expended, that the two vehicles would be traded in for one vehicle.  It was noted that Alpine Motors quoted the highest trade in values for both vehicles in the amount of $6,150, with Taylor-Parker quoting a total of $3,350 and Rokstad quoting a total of $3,700.  
RECOMMENDATION TO CONSENT CALENDAR:  That City Council approve declaring the Parks and Recreation Department 1986 Chevrolet S-10 pickup and the Fire Department 2001 Ford Expedition as surplus and to authorize exchanging the two vehicles for single vehicle at the trade in value.


Mayor Miller indicated that a project to connect Boyer Avenue with Highway 95 within the vicinity of Baldy Mountain Road has been discussed for years.  He asked for approval of the contract with David Evans & Associates to conduct a conceptual study with funding coming from an outside source.  He stated that the donor wants to remain undisclosed and reassured the committee that the donor is not a real estate developer.  Councilman Spicklemire noted the project is for two months with City Treasurer Shannon Syth asking when the project would begin.  It was noted that the Public Works Director has the date when the project would be started but was not available at the meeting.  Councilman Spickelmire noted that this project is on the 2005 Functional Classification map of the Sandpoint Urban Area as a future project.  Mayor Miller noted that the project is also on the Idaho Transportation Department preliminary design and will be responsible for the intersection and traffic signal.  He commented that the proposed access to Highway 95 would be in the vicinity of the turn out across the road from the Chamber of Commerce location and that the road extension would travel under  the railroad tracks.
RECOMMENDATION TO CONSENT CALENDAR:  That City Council approve and authorize the mayor and city clerk to sign the agreement with David Evans and Associates in the amount of $29,943 to be funded by an outside source for the Baldy Mountain Road Extension.

Police Chief Mark Lockwood noted that there has been a larger turnover in taxicab drivers since there have been two companies in operation within the city limits which have required more time to implement background checks.  Will Herrington noted that when the taxicab ordinance was revised last year, there was no anticipation of the amount of background checks.  Chief Lockwood also recommended requiring a license for approved drivers so it would assist police officers during a traffic stop as to whether the driver had completed a background check and was current. A revised taxicab ordinance incorporating language to include the fee for background checks and requirement for taxicab drivers to obtain a taxicab license will be brought to the October Administrative Committee for review.
RECOMMENDATION TO CONSENT CALENDAR:  That a public hearing be set for October 18, 2006 to take testimony on a proposal to establish a $50.00 fee for taxicab driver background checks.

Police Chief Mark Lockwood explained that Trillion has contracted with the Lake Pend Oreille School District to provide broadband communications for wireless network.  He noted that there is a Homeland Security grant available with a zero match to install a new 100’ tower on Bald Mountain.  He stated that Trillion has agreed to provide the City $30,000 in advance to be used by the City for the purpose of providing site improvements to the City’s Bald Mountain radio site.  He commented that Trillion’s attorney will return a revised lease after review.  Chief Lockwood noted that the seven year lease with Trillion will give the City opportunity to add auxiliary power, will be an asset for public safety, give the ability to attract additional subleasees, and will give  infrastructure for the City’s use.
RECOMMENDATION TO CONSENT CALENDAR:  That City Council approve and authorize the mayor and city clerk to sign the Trillion Transmitter Site Lease

There was discussion for the need to increase fees for business registrations from $10 to $25.  The need to increase the Planning Department Subdivision and Development Fees, and Public Works Department Development Fees  was also discussed in order to reflect the costs upon the developers, not the taxpayers.  City Treasurer Shannon Syth noted that the development fees were budgeted to pay for the staff engineer.  It was discussed that it would be beneficial to have all City’s fees on one resolution to make it easier to review them annually.
That a public hearing be set for October 18, 2006 to take testimony on a proposal to establish or increase the following fees:

Business registration per year from $10.00 to $25.00
Planning Department Subdivision and Development Fees (attached)
Public Works Department Development Fees (attached)

City Attorney Will Herrington reported that the Springhaven developer has requested reimbursement for fees they expended for water and sewer service.  He noted that City Code 7-6-9-1 gives the developer the option of requesting such reimbursement from subsequent developers and that the city’s ordinance calls for a council resolution approving the reimbursement.  He said that this puts a burden on the staff  for the reimbursement process and that he will bring draft revisions to the ordinance to the October Administrative Committee.
That City Council approve and adopt a resolution pursuant to City Code 7-6-9-1(f) to reimburse Spring Haven development.  

City Clerk Maree Peck submitted a report of information from surrounding cities which  have two city council meetings per month.  Coeur d’ Alene and Moscow have their council meetings the first and third week of the month with subcommittees similar to our Administrative and Public Works Committee scheduled during the second and fourth week of each month.   Other cities who schedule two meetings per month solve some of their matters administratively without going to city council.  There was discussion and concern with staff overtime involved with having a meeting every week.  The City Clerk said she would get input from other cities in Idaho who have two council meetings per month and how they schedule subcommittee meetings.  It was agreed that this matter would be further discussed at the October Administrative Committee.

The meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m.

Maree Peck, City Clerk

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